The Eagles Fan Club is a volunteer, non-profit organization that was formed years ago by a group of fans at
Oswego Speedway, with the sole intent and purpose of supporting the drivers and owners who compete at
Oswego Speedway. Throughout the years, the Eagles Fan Club has raised tens of thousands of dollars and
given cash to the people who work hard to provide entertainment to the thousands of race fans who attend
races at Oswego Speedway, in Oswego, N.Y..    

Every penny raised by the Eagles Fan Club goes directly to the owners of the cars, based on attendance at the
speedway.  Annually, approximately $20,000 is handed over to the teams, distributed equally amongst the
supermodified and small block supermodified teams.  But this is no “money goes to money” deal.  Cash is not
distributed based on results, like point funds are.  With the funds raised by the Eagles, you are rewarded for
attendance only, whether you finished first or last.  A unique arrangement, to say the least.

The Eagles Fan Club also provides funding to racers who get injured in the “line of duty”.  Through the
contributions of the many fans who contribute to our membership and fundraisers, several of our own racers
have picked up a check when they were in need, thanks to the generosity of Oswego Speedway fans.

In addition to helping the injured drivers and raising capital for the bills of our racers, the Eagles Fan Club are
also committed to assist as a pipeline to speedway management for the drivers and teams, involving issues to
make racing better for fans, drivers, as well as speedway management. Contact and membership with the
Eagles board gives you that benefit.
The Eagles Fan Club Mission
This year, the Eagles Fan Club decided instead of just offering our shirt included in your 2014 membership,
we thought maybe people might want a choice of something different. We still have our shirts for the fans
who enjoy adding them to their collection, but we also have Eagles Fan Club bags for adding a little variety
and something that could be very useful as you hit the track each week.

We also now have Eagles Fan Club Koozies for sale that work great on hot summer days to keep your
favorite beverage cold. The koozies are only $2, so stop by the Eagles booth and pick yourself up a couple!
The Eagles Fan Club supports their drivers whether on the track or at their fundraisers as shown
           above, taking in the fun day at the Barry Kingsley Golf Fundraiser a few weeks back